SmartCom 2018 - The 5th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications -
SmartCom 2018 -The 5th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications-
SmartCom 2018 is organized by IEICE Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR) and IEICE Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems (RCS), and jointly hosted by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).


  • A side of a white board with stand is assigned to each presenter. The size of the white board (not including stand) is 120cm x 150cm (horizontal). The poster can be attached on the board by magnets or sticky tapes, prepared by the organizing committee.
  • The poster of size up to A0 can be post on one side of the whiteboard either vertically or horizontally. The authors may select to design their poster in horizontal or vertical direction based on their preference, knowing that vertical A0 size poster is default. In case of a two-side whiteboard, each side will be assigned to different posters (maximally two posters per whiteboard). It should be noted that the authors of the poster need to print and bring the poster to the conference venue by themselves.
  • Unique number will be assigned to each presenter for award evaluation. The number will be shown on each side of the whiteboard, such that the award examiners can distinguish the poster of evaluation interest. The authors can also find the location where to post their poster properly.