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SmartCom 2016 is a joint workshop between Finland and Japan on smart wireless communications, it covers radio technologies, spectrum management, wireless networks, communication theory, and flexible hardware. Due to the recent wireless technology advancement, ubiquitous connectivity is expected in the future. However, this also leads to the tremendous growth of wireless data traffic, demanding higher data rates. Therefore, smart communication technologies to address this data demand are urgently required to sustain future wireless world. In this workshop, we discuss the solutions targeting not only near future but also years beyond 2020, e.g., 5G and beyond 5G. Expected candidate solutions include small cells, heterogeneous networks including microwave/millimeter wave devices, and dynamic spectrum management, etc. The organizing committee wishes the workshop to provide a great opportunity for discussing future wireless world. It also represents a great opportunity for networking such as for initiating cooperative research and joint proposals.


The topics covered by SmartCom 2016 include, but are not limited to:

Heterogeneous wireless networks
• Ultra broadband small cell deployment
• C/U splitting, common pilot channel, mobility management
• Dynamic cell structuring, virtual cell, ghost cell, phantom cell
• Backhaul / fronthaul architecture, cloud-RAN, centralized-RAN
• Cloud cooperated radio resource control, energy saving, wake-up

Cognitive radio networks and dynamic spectrum management

• Spectrum sensing and measurement
• MAC and networking protocols
• Learning in cognitive radio networks
• Applications and services based on TV white space/cognitive radio networks
• Standards, regulatory policies
• Green cognitive radio

Communication theory

• Network information theory
• Coding theory
• Physical‐layer security
• Theory of compressed sensing

Wireless distributed network, MAC protocol and network management

• Cross layer wireless networks
• Wireless LAN, sensor networks and mesh networks
• High density wireless networks
• Wireless network virtualization and virtual network management
• Software defined networks (SDN)
• ITS (Intelligent transportation system)
• Intelligent and cooperative MAC protocol
• Network controlled D2D communication

Hardware architecture and implementations

• Broadband and multiband antennas
• Multiband and multimode RF/analog circuits
• Reconfigurable baseband circuits
• Implementation of testbeds and prototypes, especially for higher frequency bands
• Implementation, prototype for smart radio and 5G including mm-wave technologies
• Wireless equipment for smart radio and 5G

Advanced wireless technologies

• Advanced MIMO, Massive MIMO
• Interference control, alignment, management techniques
• Full-duplex communications
• Advances in mmWave, terahertz (THz) wireless communication, and nano sensor networks
• Wireless power transfer
• Visible light communications
• Dynamic TDD

Technical exhibitions

• Implementation, prototype, and wireless equipment for smart radio
• Applications and related works of wireless communications