SmartCom 2017 -The 4th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications-
SmartCom 2017 is organized by IEICE Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR), IEICE Technical Committee on Short Range Wireless Communications (SRW) and IEICE Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems (RCS).


Heterogeneous wireless networks

  • Ultra broadband small cell deployment
  • C/U splitting, common pilot channel, mobility management
  • Dynamic cell structuring, virtual cell, ghost cell, phantom cell
  • Backhaul/fronthaul architecture, cloud-RAN, centralized-RAN
  • Cloud cooperated radio resource control, energy saving, wake-up

Cognitive radio networks and dynamic spectrum management

  • Spectrum sensing and measurement
  • MAC and networking protocols
  • Applications and services based on TV white space/cognitive radio networks
  • Standards, regulatory policies
  • Green cognitive radio

Communication theory and its application

  • Network information theory
  • Coding theory
  • Physical-layer security
  • Compressed sensing
  • Learning for wireless communication

Wireless distributed network, MAC protocol, and network management

  • Cross layer wireless networks
  • Wireless LAN, sensor networks, and mesh networks
  • High density wireless networks
  • Wireless network virtualization and virtual network management
  • Software defined networks (SDN)
  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS)
  • Intelligent and cooperative MAC protocol
  • Network controlled D2D communication

Hardware architecture and implementations

  • Broadband and multiband antennas
  • Multiband and multimode RF/analog circuits
  • Reconfigurable baseband circuits
  • Implementation of testbeds and prototypes, especially for higher frequency bands including mmWave
  • Wireless equipment for 5G, beyond 5G and IoT

Advanced wireless technologies

  • Advanced MIMO, Massive MIMO
  • Interference control, alignment, management techniques
  • Full-duplex communications
  • Advances in mmWave, terahertz (THz) wireless communication, and nano sensor networks
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Visible light communications
  • Dynamic TDD
  • Wireless sensing technologies and applications
  • Radar signal processing

Technical exhibitions*

  • Implementation, prototype, and wireless equipment for smart radio
  • Applications and related works of wireless communications
* Note that available equipment in the technical exhibitions is strictly limited due to the limitation of power supply.


  • Registration of paper submission deadline: Sept. 30th, 2017. (Extended)
  • Camera-ready paper submission deadline: Oct. 2nd, 2017.
  • Participant registration deadline: Oct. 16th, 2017.
  • Registration fee payment deadline: Oct. 24th, 2017.