SmartCom 2017 -The 4th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications-
SmartCom 2017 is organized by IEICE Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR), IEICE Technical Committee on Short Range Wireless Communications (SRW) and IEICE Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems (RCS).


Participant of SmartCom 2017 requires "PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION" and "PAYMENT".


  • Deadline of Registration:

    Oct. 16th, 2017


    • *If you cannot access to the registration site, Please, send the following information to ``'' by e-mail. If you do not receive any reply within 24 hours, please re-send it to `` '' again.

      1. Email Address :

      2. Prefix : [Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms.]

      3. First Name (Given Name) :

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      5. Nationality (Country) :

      6. Organization :

      7. Department :

      8. Postal Mail Address :

      9. Are you full time student? : [Yes or No]

      10. Role of SmartCom2017 : [Participant, Presenter, Co-Author, Other]

      11. If you are Presenter or Co-Author, please give title of paper or poster. :

      12. I will participate in workshop on 23 (Monday) Oct. : [Yes or No]

      13. I will participate in workshop on 24 (Tuesday) Oct. : [Yes or No]

      14. I will participate in Banquet on 23(Monday) Oct. : [Yes or No]

      15. Special Request for Meal : [ex vegetarian, vegan, and so on]


    • Registration Fee:

      180 EURO

      (including banquet fee)

    • Deadline of registration fee payment:

      Oct. 24th, 2017

    • Payment method will be announced to those who have registered.